5 Ways On How to Increase Your Chances Of Winning the Lottery Satta Matka

People have big dreams when playing the lottery. They play without using common sense, spending a fortune on worthless tickets.

Using random or favorite numbers, playing quick pick or marking your cards in patterns will cause you to lose before buying one ticket. There are ways on how to increase your chances of winning the lottery but it takes some skill and a little time.

1- Play the Same Numbers


  • People get impatient changing their numbers on every game, they quit playing or skip a few games. Using a system will increase your odds of winning by 900%, but you need to understand how it works. You have to set a budget first.
  • Be realistic and play only what you can afford. Decide if you want to play twice a week or once a week. satta If you play once a week, pick the least busiest day and the least busiest hour to get your tickets.


2-Handicapping Numbers


  • You have to handicap your numbers. So if you play 12 numbers, pick the ones that have come up the most in the past twelve drawings. Get a piece of paper and write down how many times each number has come up and make an X for each one.
  • You will notice a pattern of good numbers eliminating bad ones. Then you pick out your wheel and distribute the numbers evenly.


3-Distributing Your Numbers Evenly


  • If you’re playing a six number game, use three high and three low ones. If the game has 40 numbers in it, the low would be 1 through 20 and the high 21 through 40. This alone increases your chance dramatically.


4-Wheeling Your Numbers


  • Wheel your chosen numbers and if there is a sequence such as 33-34-35 place your numbers in a different spot. Three or four together seldom come up.
  • Play those same numbers for every game. People get impatient and change them and about the time they do, their numbers come up. It’s happened a lot. There are free wheeling systems online.
  • Decide how many numbers you want to play and choose a wheel within your budget. Some cover more combinations than others. They’ve been proven to lower your odds by the millions and have made many people millionaires.


5-Play Consistently


  • Don’t skip playing. If you decided to play twice a week, stick to it. These 5 ways on how to increase your chances of winning the lottery are how lottery winners play.


If you are serious about winning, use a system and with patience you will soon start winning multiple tickets. Wheeling systems are the most popular among serious lottery players and costs less than playing random tickets. Use one the next time you play.


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